The Pioneering Leadership Journey


The Pioneering Leadership Journey In A Nutshell

If you take anything that you are trying to accomplish, the chances are that other people will have accomplished the same or similar things. Whilst there will be differences between the different ways that people accomplish things, there will be similarities. If you were to take all the people who have accomplished those same or similar things, the majority, the mainstream, will be in the middle, the best will be at the front using “best practice”, and those doing a really poor job will be at the back doing worst practice.

The leading edge is the front edge of best practice, the best of the best today. Pioneering takes place beyond both mainstream and best practice.

The Pioneering Leadership Journey is the journey from where you are now, to where you want to be. It is about both the quality of the outcome and the means by which the outcome is best achieved.

Unlike traditional approaches, the pioneering leadership journey takes place in uncharted waters, beyond mainstream and best practice and involves being first, new, different and better.